Remember the days of cutting coupons? No? Well, I bet your Mom or Grandma can give you a refresher course. Saving money online is so easy and enticing, so why not give it a try? Today, there are so many coupon sites and cashback sites that it is ridiculous to not be utilizing the many resources out there. With the Black Friday sales coming up, we will go over some great options for discount and money saving sites, as well as some opportunities to save money for your holiday shopping.

Discount Sites

Discount sites involve finding offer codes for the store you are looking at. Chances are you have searched in Google for discount codes at the store you are shopping at. There are many sites online that try to reel you in and use their coupon code, or simply try to get you to go to the store you want to go to through their site so that they can get a commission on the sale if you buy.

An extremely popular site of this nature is Retailmenot ( The problem with sites like these is that their coupon codes are often expired and there is no oversight on the safety of using the coupon. Sites like these are mostly just interested in getting you onto the retail store site through their site as an intermediary without any real incentive to the user. For this reason, the following coupon sites are more reputable. Discount sites can be a great way to save some money, but use at your own risk!

Coupon Sites

Groupon changed the coupon game in the online world. Your mom and grandma may remember clipping them from the newspaper, but today, coupons are almost always digital. Although Groupon was the groundbreaking coupon site, there have been many improvements in the online coupon world.

Whereas Groupon only allows you to get certain deals, there are sites like YippeeCoupons ( that allow you to pick and choose which coupons you want. This site is extremely easy to navigate and all you need to do is enter the retailer you want to find coupons for in the search bar. You will then receive a coupon if they have one and are free to use it whenever you want! No need to worry because the coupons are all up to date and are removed from the site when they expire. The site is also super fast, so no waiting around for your coupon to load. Saving money has never been easier!

Cashback Sites

Cashback sites are great because they allow the customer to purchase products as they normally would and then the customer will receive cold hard cash in their cashback account. What’s even better is that most of the time you can use the discount sites and coupon sites mentioned above and find sales and offer codes as well as coupon codes and promo codes. Using these will save you money, and then if you use the cashback site, you will also receive the cashback that the site offers. Usually, the only requirement is that you go through the cashback site in order to qualify for the cashback.

Two of the best sites are TopCashBack ( and Ebates ( You can go here and set up an account and then look for partner retailers that will allow you to get cashback on your purchase. Ebates even offers a super convenient Google Chrome plugin that will alert you when you go to one of their partner sites. It will then give an option for you to activate the cashback feature for the site. Then when you purchase, you will automatically receive the cashback. Getting free money is never a bad thing!

Bonus: Best Christmas Deals

As a bonus, here is a little Christmas gift for you to enjoy. You can head over to ASOS ( right now and use offer code “8 Offer” now for 20% off your order today! Asos is one of the best retailers for everything from shoes and clothes to backpacks and accessories. Check it out now and maybe grab something for yourself and for your friends or family. What could be better than saving money?